2017 in TWO WORDS

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cuz tradition new beginning self care bikram yoga healthy living arbonne shakes spring training road trips new tattoos hiking trails Robbie graduates Kami married new address tattoo removal coffee shops poke bowls Grace kids new office new role fear less … Read More

2016 in TWO WORDS. Cuz it’s tradition

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HARD YEAR Broken Dreams Broken Hearts Rock Bottom New Beginnings Intense Therapy Self Care Getting Healthy Dream Job Strong Friendships ALS Champs Wedding Planning Dress Shoppng Camping Trip Teenage Boys Room Makeover Lanni Apartment Elijah Drives Expensive Insurance Kami Home … Read More

Dear Daughter, do as I say-not as I do.

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From everyone around you, you have heard: “You look so much like your mom” “You look exactly like your mom” “That one looks like her mom” “You even have the same body type” And then, you hear your mom: “I … Read More

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